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Comprehensive East African Market Entry Consulting, Business Development,
  & Investment Facilitation Services

About Us

Africa Insight Advisors helps to flatten the very steep learning curve foreign companies face when first entering East Africa. Across so many industries and areas, Africa is booming. As much of the rest of the world slows down, Africa’s unmatched returns, growth and opportunity are the impetus for an increasing number of foreign companies to enter this last frontier market. However, doing business in Africa can be a daunting undertaking for a multitude of reasons: predatory governments and tenuous geopolitical situations, red tape and complex bureaucracy, lack of local connections and relationships, not to mention language and cultural differences.


Unlike doing business in the Western world, success in Africa is grounded in networking and knowledge. You can’t Google answers here. Africa Insight Advisors helps established international companies enter the East African market and become operational and profitable as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Who We Work With

Areas of Operation

Navigating African Bureaucracy
  • Visas, work permits, residency
  • Company registration
  • Tax requirements and banking
  • Employment and labor laws
  • Incentives and tax breaks
Operating and Profitable – ASAP
  • Comprehensive business development strategy and implementation
  • Project management
  • Local talent acquisition
  • Office space sourcing, and procurement solutions
  • Connecting with reputable local service providers or customers/consumers
Easing the transition to life in Africa
  • Location- Places to live/house hunting, schools for children
  • Insurance- home, health, and automobile
  • Health-hospitals, emergency services.
  • Security and evacuation

Our Mission

Africa Insight Advisors aims to be the top market entry advisory firm in East Africa. By leveraging our local contacts, knowledge, and industry expertise, we provide our clients with the results oriented services they need to quickly and effectively enter and become profitable in Africa.

Our Vision

At Africa Insight Advisors, we value honesty, integrity, and top tier customer service. We have a strict anti-bribery/anti-corruption policy, and are committed to providing and adhering to Western ethics, best practices and business standards wherever we are operating.