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About Us

Africa Insight Advisors (AIA) is a Dar es Salaam based boutique consulting and investment advisory firm that was established in 2015.

Across so many industries and areas, Africa is booming. Africa’s unmatched returns, growth and opportunity are the impetus for an increasing number of foreign companies to enter this last frontier market. However, unlike doing business in the Western world, success in Africa is grounded in networking and knowledge. You can’t Google answers here.


At AIA we match our client’s needs with our local understanding to provide them with the local know-how, insights, connections and operational ability to be successful in East Africa. We work with multinationals, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and investors from across the globe. AIA specializes in Tanzania based projects, but has worked throughout East and Southern Africa and is currently working on a host of projects throughout the East Africa region, most notably in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Market Entry Consulting

We help our clients put the pieces together
and solve the puzzle of successful market entry.

  • We Offer a Range of Tailor Made Services

    • Feasibility studies
    • Competitive assessments
    • Market analysis and surveys
    • Focus groups (understand consumer preferences, test ad campaigns, or key potential customer feedback)
    • Strategic entry planning
    • Risk assessments
    • Overview of government rules and regulations

  • These services are designed to give clients the key insights required to:

    • Bring clarity to a challenging process
    • Accelerate timeframes and cut start up times
    • Avoid costly pitfalls and errors
    • Immediately position a new entrant for long term sustainable growth

Case Study: Regulatory & Statutory Review

Background: An international insurance company was interested in becoming an underwriter in Tanzania, but was unclear of the process, cost or timeframe.


Engagement: AIA developed a comprehensive overview on the insurance industry in Tanzania, with a focus on regulations, costs and timelines for becoming an underwriter. In addition to a summary of the written rules and regulations, AIA included a practical overview on what the company could expect when working to launch, as this varied considerably from what was laid out in the written rules.


Results: AIA provided the client with a quick and clear understanding of the steps and capital required to become an underwriter and set realistic expectations and timeframes for the launch.

Case Study: New Product Launch

Background: An instant coffee company wanted to launch its product to take on the Tanzanian market. They wanted to know how their product faired in a blind taste test against the market leader, understand what was important to consumers in terms of price points, branding, and packaging, and narrow in on an ad campaign that resonated with Tanzanian consumers.


Engagement: AIA had a several phase engagement that included a blind taste test pitting the client against the leading competitor, to determine preference, as well as Tanzanian coffee drinkers consumption habits. Secondly, AIA ran several focus groups to determine what was important in the packaging and pricing of instant coffee i.e. what colors, phrases and branding were well received, and what the is balance between cost and quality. Finally, the client had developed several different ad campaigns and taglines, which AIA tested in focus groups to determine what messages and imagery resonated most with the potential consumers.


Results: The client received statistically significant feedback on the taste of their product vs. the market leader, as well as greater understanding on the coffee consumption of Tanzanian’s. The client’s product is considered a high-end coffee, and focus group input on the balance of price and quality helped determine the actual dollar value premium they could place on their product relative to their competitor. Finally, one of the three potential ad campaigns presented to the focus group was received significantly better than the others, and the feedback and input received were the basis of the company’s ad campaign.

Case Study: Market Assessment and Consumer Survey

Background: An international TV company was exploring the potential to start a TV channel in Tanzania, broadcasting international content dubbed into Swahili. The company’s investment thesis is to capitalize on rising incomes, TV penetration and increased ad spending on TV. Most of the content available in Tanzania is international content dubbed into English, or locally made, and in Swahili. The client wanted to be the first provider of well known international content dubbed into Swahili, but before making an investment decision, needed more information about the market.


Engagement: Over two separate phases, AIA provided key insights that helped the client make an investment decision. AIA provided detailed information on:

  • Existing TV connection providers, price points and distinguishing factors (i.e. connection method [satellite or digital], number of channels, content shown, etc)
  • Existing top TV channels, rankings, and distinguishing factors (i.e. content shown, target demographic, etc.)
  • Advertising market overview and trends, covering ad spending by medium, who the major ad spenders and agencies are, growth in the market, and the future of advertising in Tanzania
  • As well as executing a 500 person survey across Dar es Salaam to understand TV watching preferences (access methods, channels, genres and shows) as well as get feedback on consumer interest in international content dubbed into Swahili


Results: Ultimately the client has chosen not to make an investment into Tanzania at this time, but they are keeping it on their radar and revisiting the market yearly. When they do decide to enter the market, they have key intelligence and insights that will help them message effectively to their potential customers, differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a marketing plan based on street level input.

Management Consulting

AIA’s provides management consulting to both local businesses and NGO’s. We work with East African business to help them improve across their operational areas, make them more efficient in their core capacities and ultimately to see these improvements lead to increased market share. Additionally we work with international NGO’s to help design, implement and improve the impact of their work by focusing on market based and sustainable solutions.

  • Work we undertake:

    • Business process mapping
    • Gap analysis
    • Risk management
    • Corporate governance
    • Corporate policies
    • Marketing support
    • Efficiency improvements
    • Capacity building for NGO’s
    • Market based program design and intervention support for NGO’s

Case Study: Manufacturing Company Change Management Exercise

Background: A family owned manufacturing business that employs over 800 staff and exports to eight countries went through a management change where the younger generation took over managing the factory, and wanted to bring the business processes in line with industry best practices by updating the policies and procedures.


Engagement: The engaged started with AIA conducting a full business process mapping exercise to gain an in-depth understanding of the key processes and their subsequent inputs, outputs, risks and controls, across all operational areas.


Results: AIA created policies based on international industry, legal and regulatory best practices while also addressing local needs, capabilities and requirements. In addition to the business process maps and a risk registrar and management system, AIA created full policies for the following departments: finance and accounting risk management, operations, corporate governance, ICT, human resources, legal and regulatory.

Case Study: Building Female Entrepreneurs in International NGO

Background: A full program break down and redesign for an international NGO that had a 4-year program to get women involved in the green power industry, which wasn’t meeting KPI’s or on track to be successful.


Engagement: AIA came in and conducted interviews and assessments with key stakeholders to create an understanding as to why the project was failing, then designed a new market based approach and built a business model for small-scale entrepreneurs, which included:

  • Supply-side market analysis
  • Demand-side analysis of buyers decision factors; and
  • Business model analysis for potential entrepreneurs


AIA’s deliverables were the basis for the NGO’s program relaunch, with key factors to consider during the roll out, and detailed financial analysis across the product suite to focus the program on the most financially viable products.

Case Study: NGO in Rwanda

AIA worked to:

  • Map Rwanda NGO stakeholders, scope of operations, and potential to become a customer
  • Work to match potential customer’s needs with the NGO’s value proposition
  • Help develop communication strategies and marketing material to use at a launch event

Investment Advisory

AIA works with ambitious entrepreneurs across East Africa that are looking to scale their businesses to help them raise the capital they need, whether they are looking for debt, equity, or mezzanine financing.


At AIA, we aim to effectively bridge the gap between foreign investors and local opportunities, to facilitate attractive transactions that develop strong businesses.

Fundraising for African Entrepreneurs

We reach out to a few of the most suitable investors we think may be interested, from our database of hundreds of investors from around the world, to include leading private equity funds, impact investors, DFI’s, family offices, and high net worth individuals. We sensitize potential investors to the opportunity and manage the process from first look, through due diligence and deal close. We have worked with investors from around the world to close over $15m in transactions across a multitude of sectors.

Foreign Investors

We also assist private equity, venture capital and multinational firms that are seeking to expand their global footprint through investments in East Africa. Publications around the world are detailing the flood of money that is interested in investing in the continent. Unlike a few years ago, where only the extractive industries garnered any attention, we now see a variety of industries represented on deal sheets.

For firms that wish to tap into the African market via an acquisition or by an investment into an existing company, AIA can assist in deal sourcing, due diligence, providing local context on the company or opportunity, negotiating or any other step in the process.

Billions of dollars are being raised to invest in Africa, but these investors will have a very difficult time locating targets for acquisition, approaching these firms and then proceeding through the investment phase, without a local partner. Simply put, we bring high quality deals to our Investor clients.

Past and Current Projects

  • Worked with a Northern Tanzanian based ISP to secure a High Net Worth Investor
  • Secured a South African based PE fund to invest in a large Tanzanian Manufacturer
  • Secured an agri-processing investment for an American multinational in a diversification play
  • Fundraising for a University in Rwanda
  • Productive use and village power based solar business in Tanzania
  • Two fin-techs firms in Kenya – remittance and a MFI
  • Ethiopian hospitality sector
  • A host of agri businesses in Tanzania – chickens, avocados, animal feed, edible oil, milling, etc.

Our Team

Alexander Howe

Founder and Managing Director

Kate Paradinas

Head of Investments

Mwasi Wilmore

Head of Consulting

JohnPaul Palmer


Bennie Mmbaga

Financial Analyst

Jamin Mwaikenda



Investment Africa Insight Advisors is always on the hunt for talented, driven professionals. If you think you can bring something unique to the business then please get in touch. Applicants will generally have a strong track record in finance and consultancy and fluency in English, Swahili and perhaps more!


If you would like to introduce yourself, please send your CV and a short cover letter to


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