Sustainability Agenda

In today’s global business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have gained unprecedented prominence and reflect highly on sustainability. Companies worldwide are recognizing the importance of incorporating ESG aspects into their operations as a structured and meaningful part of their business strategy.

Here are a few snapshots from our recently completed project with Green Resources; where we worked to develop a forward-looking Sustainability Agenda. While ESG related topics have always been important to Green Resources, the goal of this project was to go beyond CSR, and codify their ESG commitments in a series of goals and KPIs. This takes ESG related issues from something that is “nice to do” or even morally imperative, and makes it a structured part of the organization, guiding how it operates and defines success.

To build a sustainability agenda that is robust, durable in a rapidly changing environment, and in line with (or exceeding) global and industry trends and best practices, we spent a significant amount of time analyzing trends, interviewing internal and external stakeholders, and working with our team of experts.

We are confident that the resulting work will help guide Green Resources for years to come, and not only drive significant positive environmental and social benefits, but ultimately grow the bottom line as well.

Thanks to our external experts, Mugasha Wilson Ancelm (Forestry), Nangula Heita Mwampamba (Environmental), and Tahira Nizari (Social) for all their hard work, experience and insights they provided.

Finally, thanks to Hans LemmDemetrius Kweka and the rest of the GR team for placing their trust in us, and working closely with us on this over many months.

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