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Africa Insight Advisors (AIA) is a Tanzania and Kenya-based boutique management consulting and transaction advisory firm that works to provide compelling solutions to clients working across Africa.

Across so many industries and areas, Africa is booming. Africa’s unmatched returns, growth, and opportunities are the impetus for an increasing number of foreign companies to enter this last frontier market, and for already operational companies to focus on scaling. It is easy to get excited about macro statistics, however, success in Africa is grounded in the micro-level understanding of the nuances of the market, tailoring your product or service to the realities on the ground, and taking a comprehensive view of the factors at play.

You can’t Google your answers here.

At AIA we match our clients’ needs with our local understanding to provide them with the insights, analysis, connections, and operational ability to be successful. We are the private sector partner of choice for multinationals, start-ups, local corporations, and international investors that want to build companies for the long term. With a diverse set of experiences cutting across many countries, sectors, and projects, we treat each engagement as the unique project it is, taking the time to understand our client’s current status, capabilities, and goals, and tailoring our work accordingly. We walk with our clients, often engaging over longer periods and across phases- from concept to structuring to implementation.

Simply put, we help build thriving businesses that are set to capitalize on the African growth story.


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Market Entry

From a client’s first look at the market to their successful market entry, AIA helps international companies understand East Africa, and get operational and profitable as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Management Consulting

AIA offers a host of tailormade change management services to help local companies become more efficient, modernize and adhere to international and industry best practices, create diversification, expansion or turn around strategies, or otherwise work to grow the bottom line.

Transaction Advisory

AIA works to link East African businesses with international private equity, impact investors, and other financiers to help fund their growth and expansion.


Alexander Storm Howe

Managing Director

Mweso Sichale

Principal Transaction Advisory

Upendo Kaaya

Business Success Lead

Queenlatifa Kika

Senior Analyst

Mussa Mwinga


Sophia Iddy

Administrative Support

Roland Rutihinda


Ahmed Nkoba

Senior Analyst




Africa Insight Advisors is always on the hunt for talented, driven professionals. If you think you can bring something unique to the business then please get in touch. Applicants will generally have a strong track record in finance and consultancy and fluency in English, Swahili and perhaps more!
If you would like to introduce yourself, please send your CV and a short cover letter to
Africa Insight Advisors

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