Transaction Advisory
We bridge the gap between foreign investors and local opportunities. Our Transaction team helps to facilitate attractive deals that develop strong businesses and returns.


We are keenly aware of the challenges facing East African businesses, and our capital raising process helps compelling businesses unlock growth capital as quickly and efficiently as possible. We take end-to-end control and ownership of the process, helping our clients craft a compelling narrative that will draw investors in, create decks and financial models, shortlist and bring in potential investors, and manage the deal through negotiations, due diligence, and to close.

We are industry agnostic, source debt, equity or mezzanine financing, and can do seed capital raises through to a Series D. We help our clients find the right partner through our relationships with a diverse group of over 300 global investors, from DFI’s and PE funds, to impact investors, family offices, foundations, and high net worth individuals. Our work creates the alignment required for strong long-term relationships between investors and investees; and provides structured capital injections that position businesses to execute on their ambitious growth goals.


The past few years have seen record setting global interest in Africa; as investors across industries have injected significant capital into the continent. However, many businesses have a hard time translating the big picture macro statistics into tangible opportunities. If you are a multinational looking to make a strategic acquisition, it can be hard to know where to start.  We can not only identify opportunities, but help to assess fit, model returns, adjust operations to fit the local context, and support deal execution, all the way through to business integration.

and Sales

When it comes time for a fund to realize gains and exit investments, you need a partner that can help you maximize value. While many players in the space may understand the financial investor ecosystem, this represents only a small portion of potential buyers. We go beyond this, and help clients find local parties looking for bolt-on acquisitions, multinationals keen on entering new markets, or industry players looking to scale. We think outside the box and bring new players to the table to help our clients maximize returns.


Market Entry Strategy

AIA helps established international companies enter the East African market and become operational and profitable as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Management Consulting

AIA provides management consulting to both East African businesses and NGO’s to help them improve their operational efficiency, strengthen their core competencies, and ultimately effect improvements that lead to increased market share or mission success.
Helping East African Businesses Reach New Heights